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WRS Builder International offers excellent web hosting through our WRS Builder Web Hosting Site, including domain name sales. We can even create custo

Web Design

Web Design by WRS Builder International is the best way to go. We have years of experience with all sort of website technology including HTML/CSS, WordPress, Joomla, and various other CMS. We can provide custom web design, so s

E-Commerce - Online Stores

Electronic Commerce, also called E-commerce, with or without the dash, or a capital 'E' or a small letter 'e', is simply put online shopping, or buying goods and services off of websites as opposed to going into

Search Engine Optomization (SEO)

SEO Matters. You need good SEO, or rather your website does. SEO is about success. Good SEO helps enable good success, poor SEO, well you get the idea! We are knowledgeable about SEO.

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International Web Hosting Design SEO

UN flag

An International website hosting design SEO services orientated firm delivering fast, safe and competitively priced International website hosting design SEO services that's guaranteed up time and reliability. Our firm offers superior International web hosting service design SEO to International customers by means of modern services and very well trained support team members. In addition we honestly care a lot about the environment world wide and aim to provide green International web hosting design and SEO services. WRS Builder International - Serving the world!

A Few Facts on The World: The world is a big place, filled with peoples of many languages and cultures. Trade makes the world go around, as does communication with one another. Hopefully the nations and countries of the world will always get along peacefully, though history has taught us that this has not always been the case.

Though we have pictured the UN flag above, as the closest thing we have to a world flag, our company is not in any way part of or affiliated with the United Nations.

Please note that our company only operates in the English language, though you can have websites made in any language. This means that all of your communications with us will most likely have to be in the English language, in order that we may understand your requirements. We thank you in advance for your understanding. If you provide the text of other language wording for various parts of a website project we can certainly put it in the right places to produce other language websites.

Our services are not limited to only the countries listed here. The fact is that the website is simply not large enough to include mention of every country, and also in some cases we have country specific websites for some of the countries not listed here. Customers are most welcome from every country, (unless specifically prevent by the laws of a country, which are thus beyond our control).

International Web Design Hosting & SEO

We here at WRS Builder International want your web hosting, web design, SEO, and web maintenance business.

Our International web services include:

  • bullet Domain Names

  • bullet Domain Name Transfers

  • bullet Web Design

  • bullet Mobile Web Design

  • bullet Responsive Web Design

  • bullet Web Development Services

  • bullet Web Hosting

  • bullet Personal Web Hosting

  • bullet Business Web Hosting

  • bullet Organization Web Hosting

  • bullet Logo Design

  • bullet Graphic Design Services

  • bullet SEO Services

  • bullet Website Promotion Services

  • bullet Website Transfers

  • bullet Content Writing

  • bullet Linux Reseller Hosting

  • bullet E-commerce - Online Stores

    • bullet Payment Gateway Solutions

    • bullet Custom Application Development

    • bullet PHP Custom Application Development

    • bullet Web Solutions

    • bullet Help Desk Support, and

    • bullet Other Services

Ordering Our Services

To inquire about, or to order any of our services, please use the 'Contact Us' form, or the 'Get a Free Quote' form (Orange button in top right corner), except for Web Hosting which you can order online from the link on our 'Web Hosting' page under the 'Services' menu option. WRS Builder International can meet all of your web design, web hosting, e-commerce, application and other web solution needs, right down to and including selling you that perfect domain name and a web hosting package to house it at.

Some of the Countries in Our Service Area

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Our Online Department Stores

As a sideline to our web design, web hosting, SEO, and other Canada web solutions, etc, in association with one or more major retailers, we also offer country focused online department stores and such. Visit the WRS Builder USA Online Department Store! or maybe visit our Online UK Department Store, or perhaps visit our Online Canada Department Store, or maybe one of the below ads for high quality electronics at low prices and with world wide delivery, would interest you?

Wholesale gadgets from China

Ceros Android Tablet

Client Testimonials

Sue Smith

The people at WRS Builder International sure knew what they were doing to meet to our project. Their work was finished very fast and the quality was excellent.

Mary Jennings

When it comes to website they are number one!


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